View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 (PSA65E) - SP2 compatible?

17.11.2006, 18:17
From the documentation, i don't think it is - Satellite A60 is but a Pro A60 isn't - can anyone confirm for me either way?!? thanks!

20.11.2006, 17:12
I have installed SP2 on much older units without any problems. In my opinion you can and you should install SP2 on your unit.

After doing this please read “Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information” document you can find on Toshiba download page if you check download stuff for A60.

20.11.2006, 18:36
Thanks for the reply!

there's no ACTUAL listing for this model (Sat Pro A60) in the compatability list for SP2 - which makes me suspicious! the Sat A60 IS - but not the PRO ... hhmm... looks like a rebuild from scratch with that GIANT list of apps to install in a certain order!!!

thanks again Andrej