View Full Version : Keyboard not working on Tecra 8100

16.11.2006, 22:47

My daughter has a Tecra 8100. Not sure if it is virused, but the keyboard isn't working. Powers up fine, although sluggish, done the usual virus sweeps (Spybot, CA Anti virus) - found nothing, but still no keyboard. Ran a keyboard diagnostic and it says it is working fine. Any ideas? (PS Any ideas where to get a recovery disc for the 8100, can't seem to find mine anywhere?) Thanks.

PPS: Have since found that when I start in safe mode, I can use the keyboard? But why only in safe mode?

17.11.2006, 16:28

I think there must be a corrupted keyboard driver file or the keyboard was disabled in the Toshiab HWsetup.
Check the HWsetup and enable the keyboard otherwise a new installation could solve this issue.

But before you will try to install the OS you can try to use the system restore tool of Win XP.

PS: the Toshiba recovery CD can be ordered from the Toshiba service provider in your country.

17.11.2006, 16:51
Try to test it with external keyboard. What is the keyboard status in device manager?
Check keyboard properties and try also option “Update driver”.

By the way: this notebook model is pretty old and I am really skeptic about recovery CD. Anyway, try to contact service partner in your country.