View Full Version : Cannot connect Satellite P100-283 to a projector

16.11.2006, 12:35
I must have missed a driver when I reinstalled my satellite. Nothing happens when I press func-F5, can anyone give me a hint on what driver I'm missing?/Lars

16.11.2006, 12:53

Did you also try to switch to the projector in the graphic card properties?

If not, so I think you should check it.
Several times ago I have had similar problems with the projector with my no-Toshiba notebook.
I was not able to get a picture on the projector. I have checked in the google for similar cases and found out that the Overlay setting should be enabled on the second monitor (projector)

That procedure helped. So you should also check this option.

Good luck Lars

16.11.2006, 14:16
Thank you for your replay, bur where/how do I change Overlay settings?

16.11.2006, 15:06
I think you should find something similar in the graphic properties -> advanced settings.
I don’t know exactly what tab this is but check the several options.

16.11.2006, 19:59
I don’t know exactly what you have missed but are you sure you have installed all stuff listed in “Installations instruction” document you can find on Toshiba download page?

If all Toshiba designed tools and utilities are preinstalled FN+F5 key combination should work properly. Anyway, like Jayjay said, try to check graphic card settings under advanced display settings.