View Full Version : Satellite Pro L100 - stuck letter on keyboard

15.11.2006, 20:09
Mostly every time I start my laptop I get a constant beeping not in a specific order just constant beeping like usually when u hold a button in and also I am getting lots of windows and help files opening up when I am on internet explorer or using msn.

This has become very frustrating and as I have only had the laptop for 1 month now I donít think this should be happening.
Any help would be great thanks in advance.


16.11.2006, 21:41
Hello Mark

I really donít know what is happen there but can you please tell us more about your notebook? Are some external devices connected? Does this issue occur since first day and if not since when?

Does the unit sill have ďfactory preinstalled imageĒ or your own OS installation?

17.11.2006, 18:42
Hey thanks for replying

well its started a couple of days after i got it. only things onnected to it are my buffalo airstation for wireless and a mouse not much else added to it, its still the factory image setting yea i didnt know if it was better to buy another winxp or if i could use the one i had, i also took norton 2006 off and put 2004 on i thought i virus might of got in and causing this but nothing happened there. im pretty much stumped so any ideas are great thanks.


17.11.2006, 18:56
Hello Mark

Since one month I have the same unit in my office and I have really no such problems. Till now everything works well. I recommend you at first to disconnect all external devices connect AC power supply and try to roll back the operating system to earlier time.

Maybe everything will be OK again. If not post please again.

By the way: I recommend you to update BIOS to latest available version. If you will do this please read instructions carefully.

17.11.2006, 19:04
well i tried rolling back, but what hrows me that it isnt software is at the first screen where it comes up saying toshiba it beeps like crazy and its not any specific amount of beeps for a bios problem like memory or keyboard but does sound like a key is stuck maybe like the alt key as when typing in explorer and messanger it does being up new windows and help files, not sure about updating bios dont want to brick a laptop lol. thanks for your reply

17.11.2006, 19:13
I agree with you. If this occurs at the beginning it must be some hardware problem. I am afraid the unit must be checked by technicians. Maybe you are right about BIOS update. It is better not to do anything because everything is clarified.

If you will find out what was wrong please let me know.