View Full Version : What external CD/DVD Rom can I use on Portege 3500

14.11.2006, 16:09
Does anybody know what the criteria are for an external CD ROm Unit for a Portege 3550? There are 3 units recommended in the forum that would reboot Toshiba Reinstall disks on the Portege 3500, 2 Targus and 1 Toshiba.

This seems very limited. In particular will the Toshiba 2793008 do the job? No USB units are recommended and it seems that a 16-bit interface is needed - not a 32-bit.

Can anyone elucidate please?

14.11.2006, 17:07

I don’t think that it will be able to boot up from USB drive because the BIOS doesn’t support it.
If you want to recover from the CardBus PCMCIA adapter you will need a special boot disk which allows booting from the 16bit-PC card PCMCIA.

I found these drivers:
• Slimline CD-ROM Light 24x, PX1052E-1NMD (16Bit-PCCard)
• Slimline CDRW 8x/8x/24x CDRW, PX1054E-1NST (CardBus)
• Slimline DVD-ROM 8x/24x, PX1053E-1NMD (CardBus)
• Slimline Combo, PX1055E-1NST (CardBus)