View Full Version : BSOD and driver ati32dvag.dll is stuck in an infinity loop on Tecra

14.11.2006, 14:30

Can anyone help me with this strange problem. I have an ATI X600 128 mb graphic card and it getting stucked sometimes with a blue screen and a stop code as follows: STOP: 0X000000EA (0X85696B38, 0X85B1ECB8, 0XEBF93CB4, 0X00000001) and it says that the driver ati32dvag.dll is stuck in an infinity loop.

I´ve tryed to reinstall - uninstalled everything and reinstall again, and it´s still the same. Hope someone is able to help because I´ve starting to hate my computer.


16.11.2006, 20:26
Hello Stefan

Do you use Toshiba designed driver? Try to disable “Automatically restart” option in Startup and Recovery settings (Advanced tab in System properties).

Since when BSOD has started to be shown, maybe after some game installation?

17.11.2006, 13:45
You said it appears sometimes. Possibly when you play some heavy games and the notebook gets hot???

As feliks said you should use the Toshiba graphic driver because I have heard that this driver was a little bit modified and supports an graphic overheating protection