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12.11.2006, 20:36
I have a Topfield Freeview box which connects to my Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 via a very short USB lead. The box can play MP3s which I add via the USB connection.

My previous laptop added hundreds of songs with no problem at all. However, this new Toshiba one has some very peculiar problems.

I can send files from the Freeview box to the laptop via USB without any problems, but if I try to send files (e.g. an MP3) the other way - from laptop to box - it will stutter and often fail. Once in a while a whole song (only 4-5MB) can be transferred without a problem, but normally this will not work. As I said, I can send 100s of MB the other way and everything works fine.

I tried transferring MP3s from my laptop and onto the freeview box with a friend's non-Toshiba laptop today and that worked fine. This together with knowing that I could do the same with my old laptop, suggests to me that the problem is clearly with the laptop. There must be a particular reason that this laptop can transfer information via USB in one direction much better than in the other.

Is there anything I can do to upgrade drivers or software in order to enable my laptop to function properly?

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16.11.2006, 21:35

I recommend you to try with BIOS update. Maybe it helps. Did you try to test it with external HDD or USB memory stick? Is the situation the same?

17.11.2006, 14:53
I donít know why it happens and I can only suggest.
For example on my notebook when something be transferred from external source to notebook and in other way the Anti Virus software checks all the files and therefore it takes much longer.

I have simply disabled the anti virus scan and the firewall and the transfer was going faster.

Possibly itís a the same issue on your notebook

18.11.2006, 11:44
The BIOS on my laptop is currently V2.50 and the latest on the Toshiba website is V2.40! Not sure how that works.

I will try to transfer stuff with a memory stick and see what happens...