View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4270 Update Win ME to Win XP

12.11.2006, 16:03
Dear All,

I want to do an update of my laptop Satellite Pro 4270 from Win ME to XP. If I start the XP update, the program
starts but a message appears: "Toshiba GSXS Device system component Satellite Pro 4200...if You go ahead with the
update, it could be possible that one or more devices/ system components are´nt working anymore.., please update
the system..."

What can I do, to do the update correctly, that means, that the system components are working with the new XP-System?

Are there updates concerning this problem available?

Thanks for Your assistance.

M. Kohl

12.11.2006, 20:45

this message means that some device drivers will not work with XP.
Unfortunately there are no XP drivers from Toshiba available for your notebook.
But maybe you can find drivers somewhere in the internet.


14.11.2006, 15:35

I was also not able to find any drivers for the Win XP for this unit.
However, if you want to install the WinXP you can do it but as said above some functions could not work.

The last possibility is to check other notebook series and try to install the drivers from other notebooks which support the same devices.
Maybe you’re successful.

14.11.2006, 15:56

Like you know for successfully running WXP operating system the hardware must have minimum requirements. Obviously your unit is under the minimum limit. Before WXP installation starts the hardware check will be done. Like you can see the result shows that system doesn’t have enough “power” for WXP operating system.