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12.11.2006, 02:11
Hi I own a satellite pro A100 laptop. I've been testing a linux live distro that is bootable from a usb key. When I set the bios to boot from removable devices with my bootable usb key inserted it does not boot it up and reverts instead to my windows hdd installation. Is this 1/ an issue with my key/OS or 2/ does the satellite pro not support booting from USB as a removable device or 3/ does it require special keystrokes as with the CDROM?



12.11.2006, 19:02

normally you have to press U on startup to boot from USB. If this doesn't work, change the boot priority in BIOS setup.


13.11.2006, 12:50
Thanks for your response I have removable devices set as first choice in the bios (no specific option for usb) and tried hitting u at startup without success. Do you know if USB booting is definitely supported in this model? Otherwise I guess it may be my pendrive.



13.11.2006, 13:16

Iím not 100% agree with Tobi. As far as I know itís only able to boot from the USB FDD device (boot disk).
Furthermore you can boot form the primary HDD, optical devices, and Network (LAN)

13.11.2006, 20:58
Does anyone have a definitive answer on this?

13.11.2006, 21:31

As far as I know you can not use USB memory stick as bootable device. Can you not obtain Linux as CD version? It is much simpler.

13.11.2006, 23:34
I wanted to put dsl on a pendrive to use as a portable bootable OS - don't like carrying CDs around. It's not that important that it won't work with my laptop - just that I wanted to test it was working OK. But if it's not supported with Toshiba then it's no big problem. I'll just have to find something else to test it on.


14.11.2006, 01:17
For the A100 ??? but for the M70 you can boot on any USB devices (3 ports -> 3 devices) :
You need to "develop" the "+" on the left of the HDD in the BIOS menu using enter key (or Ctl+enter) and then choose boot sequence order.

May be the A100 is similar.