View Full Version : Portege 4000 hard disc replacement

07.11.2006, 16:20
The hard disc on my portege 4000 has just crashed, can anyone please provide any guidance on a suitable replacement or upgrade part, where to purchase one and what is involved in making the change?

13.11.2006, 12:30

the HDD replacement is not very difficult on the notebooks because mostly the HDD is laced at the bottom of the unit and itís only necessary to remove the little cover.

To remove the HDD, follow the steps below:
1. Turn the computer upside down.
2. Remove two silver screws securing the HDD cover.
3. Lift off the HDD cover.
4. Grasp the plastic tab on the HDD to disconnect the HDD from the system board, then pull the HDD.
5. Place the HDD pack on a flat surface and remove four flat-head screws.
6. Remove the HDD bracket.

Thatís all :)

PS: I think you can use 10Gb, 20Gb and 30Gb HDDs