View Full Version : Uninstalling linux fedora

07.11.2006, 03:27
My pc HDD has 2 partitions, one with Linux and the other with Windows XP Home. Since Linux doesn't have any uninstall option I formatted the Linux drive from windows, but after that the system didn't boot to windows.

It got stuck at the boot loader of Linux i.e.GRUB, I checked for the solution on many net forum sand they said use Windows XP CD and repair it or use FDISK MBR to restore boot to Windows, but with my Toshiba laptop i only got a recovery CD? So what should I do?

07.11.2006, 16:03

The problem is that on the Recovery CD you will not find any Microsoft reparation console but only the Toshiba image ghost files.

If you want to repair anything you will need the original Microsoft Windows XP CD.
But if you have no Win CO so you have no many possibilities.

Try to use the F6 key immediately after the notebook starting. Can you see any options?
For example -> “start with the last working configuration”… or something like that?
Check it.

But if it doesn’t works and you have no WinCD so I assume only a new recovery procedure will help you ;(