View Full Version : Battery Life on one charge Satellite Pro A60

07.11.2006, 00:23
I've bought this m/c secondhand (production date 8th Feb 2005) and wondering if I should invest in a replacement battery. After a full charge it shows a duration of about 1hr 20min but this decreases very quickly with use and don't think I get more than an hour operation out of it.

The battery is an 8 cell Li-ion 14.8V 4300 mAh

Should/can I expect something better?

07.11.2006, 15:06

I think itís not easy to say how long the notebook should runs only with a battery.
The battery working time depends on the notebook usage. You know, it depends on the applications and devices which run on the notebook. Heavy software like games or videos needs more graphic performance as the Office software. If the drive or HDD spins all the time so the battery performance will also decreases much faster.

But you could also try to buy a battery witch better performance. On the Toshiba page I have found a battery for Satellite Pro A60 and itís a Battery Pack Li-Ion, 9 cell, 4500mAh. As you can see this battery supports 9 cell and 4500mAh and should be better as your first old battery.