View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100 Crashed during Windows BIOS upgrade, now won't boot.

06.11.2006, 02:13
Satellite Pro A100 Crashed during windows bios upgrade (upgrading bios using windows), now the notebook won't boot. I press the on switch and it just gives me a blank screen then i think resets itself. I really need some help fixing this as i have a university paper due in the next couple of days and i need my laptop!
Chhers for any help.

06.11.2006, 20:01
That is a scream!!! :_| :O

It sounds like a damage ROM module!
How did you make the BIOS update? I have red in this forum that a wrong procedure or wrong BIOS can damage the motherboard.

I think itís a case. I donít know if itís needed to change whole motherboard or to update the BIOS again but I donít think that you will be able to do it yourself.

I think the best way is to ask the Toshiba service partner in your country.
I think they will give you more details about the further handling

06.11.2006, 23:17
Can't even get to the BIOS screen. Entire machine turns on for about 4 seconds then apparently restarts. Screen stays firmly black. I was running the update from within windows when it crashed. Is there a reset jumper on these machines like there is on a fully blown pc? If so where is it? I am a fairly decent computing student and i recon i could fix it if i just knew where the bios reset jumpers were (if they exist).

07.11.2006, 15:29

Unfortunately, there are no jumpers to clean the BIOS ROM.
Such jumpers you can find on the desktop computer and of course such procedure could works on the desktop but not on the Toshiba notebooks.

As far as I can remember a jumper on the desktop was used for resetting the BIOS.
But if the ROM module is damage the resetting will not help you!

Sorry to said it but I think only the service technician can help you :(

Good luck