View Full Version : Satellite Pro A40 base system error with Belkin WLan card

05.11.2006, 12:57
hi guys
i am facing problem. After alot of efforts, i have finally installed my belkin wireless card ;) but now i am getting error 12 for it. means conflict and one more thing
i have 2 base system devices in my device manager as unknown devices

please help meeeeeeee

09.11.2006, 16:14

Which Belkin WLAN card you use? Is this PCMCIA card?

About unknown devices it is not easy to say what it can be but please check this document http://support.toshiba-tro.de/KB0/TSB57014E000QR01.htm

I also recommend you to install all Toshiba stuff listed on Toshiba download page or use please delivered tools & utilities CD.