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29.12.2004, 16:09
Dear reader,

I recently upgraded my 7200 from MS Win 98SE to MS Win 2000 professional (SP 4). Now my screen only displays 16 colors.

The Windows hardware wizard tells me that my Video Controller (VGA Compatible) is unknown ("The drives for this device are not installed. (Code 28)"), but it can't find any suitable driver by itself and I don't have one at hand. Also the Windows display settings tell me that a "(default monitor) on VGA display" is currently installed.

Can anyone tell me where I can download/find a suitable driver to have more colors displayed at preferably higher resolution?

Thx in advance,


Mannerhagen Tom
29.12.2004, 16:11

are you the same guy asking this before?

Did you check which model you actually have?
or 7220CT?

The answer is in the bottom of the machine. Turn it upside down and look at the silvery serialnumber label. There you will find what model you actually have.



29.12.2004, 18:20

you could go to http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com then Drivers&Download and choose your machine and OS!

If there is no W2k driver you could go to http://newsletter.toshiba-tro.de/main/index.html
There you could search your machine configuration and search for a driver in the internet for your own!

Bye Theo

03.01.2005, 22:34

That wasn't me. However, I found out that it's actually a PIII650 P7220 so I did wrong in trying ot install 7200 drivers....

I'm going to try to install the display driver for the P7220 1st and see if that works.

Thanks so far.