View Full Version : Yellow vertical line appeares on Satellite Pro

03.11.2006, 00:01
My machine is 18 months old. Last week a fine yellow vertical line appeared on the monitor about one third from left side. Tonight a fine purple line has appeared about 1 cm to the right of the yellow.

Any ideas what causes this and how do I get rid of it?

03.11.2006, 12:30

Did you connect the notebook to the external monitor to check if the lines appear also on a external screen? If not, check it.
If the lines appear on the second screen so I suspect itís a motherboard (graphic card) malfunction.

In such cases you have not many ways to solve it. Mostly a replacement is needed.
According to your message the notebook is about 18 month old therefore usually the warranty should be valid if you have registered the notebook on the Toshiba page.
The standard warranty covers the notebook for 12 month and after the registration you have a warranty coverage for about 24 month.

03.11.2006, 18:50

I agree with Jack. Try please to connect your notebook to external monitor and check if the issue occurs again. Please report about the results!

10.01.2007, 09:54
Hi Jack Thanks for the advice. I finally got a monitor and the lines do not appear on it at all. So I guess it is a problem with my screen. David

10.01.2007, 09:56
Hi Silas. Thanks for your advice. As you see I have now tried and eliminated the graphics card as the problem. I can't be without my computer so I guess I buy another monitor. David