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02.11.2006, 16:52
Hi I purchaed an Equium A100-233 laptop.
In the spec it states that the intergrated display memory can be up to 128MB.
The problem is the driver states 64MB max.
As the memory is shared with the system memory I assumed that I must need a larger DIMM, so I've put a 1GB DIMM in it now, but it still says 64MB max.
So is there some setting I need to change to make it 128MB?

02.11.2006, 22:42
Hi there, I'm having difficulty finding your laptop model on the Toshiba homepage, are you sure about the model number I know there's a Satellite A100 233. Do you have a link to a page with regards to the specs??
Unfortunately it appears you have been provided inaccurate information the memory allocated to the integrated display is controlled by the driver/chipset. If the maximum it can offer is 64Mb then adding more RAM will not change this limitation.
Unless you are a hard-core gamer you really don't need anymore than 64Mb for graphics.

Richard S.

07.11.2006, 19:57
I think also you have Satellite A100-233 and not a Equium.
I donít found any Equium units with this number.

However, the specification said the notebook supports an Intel 950GM 8MB-128MB shared memory.
The max memory upgrade could be done up to 4GB. So possibly you have to install bigger memory to use the 128MB

But if there isn't any special option for graphic memory changing so I assume the driver will control the memory value.

08.11.2006, 22:23
Sorry I meant the A110-233
Spec is here http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/jsp/productPage.do?service=UK&PRODUCT_ID=118286&toshibaShop=false

08.11.2006, 22:51
Itís no matter if itís a A100-233 or A110-233.
Both units use the same graphic card. I have checked it on the Toshiba websites.
It seems that this unit uses a Intel card.

As far as I know the graphic memory will be assigned and controlled automatically by the graphic driver.

09.11.2006, 10:34

I agree with Juan and Jack. As far as I know nits with Intel shared memory graphic card donít have any possibility to set shared memory manually and it is controlled automatically. If you want to use more memory for graphic card I presume you must upgrade the RAM on the unit.

The unit can handle with max 4 GB of RAM and it is obviously needed more that 1 GB to enlarge the memory for graphic card.