View Full Version : Video capture from Canon DVD Camcorder - laptop hangs!!

01.11.2006, 12:07
My Canon DVD camcorder is connected to my laptop via firewire cable using the smartcard port and a standard firewire adaptor. The laptop (Windows XP) recognizes the hardware plug in and it is correctly enabled. However at the moment i try to capture video stream using Windows from the DVD player the laptop freezes and nothing works. It has to be shut down and rebooted. It works fine on another laptop.
Can anyone help?

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02.11.2006, 10:53

I can’t give you an exactly solution but for me it sounds like something wrong with the Software which you have used.
What application did you use? Did you try different programs?

I think you should try to test it with another capture program. So you could eliminate the malfunction source. You know, you could know if it’s a hardware or software fault.

10.11.2006, 12:19

I have made many experiments with my camcorder and DVD creation. It will be very helpful if you can write which notebook model you have and what you mean under “It works fine on another laptop”. i have Qosmio G20 and it works perfectly and I can do with this unit everything I want, but if you have some non-multimedia unit it can be problematic.

In my opinion DVD camcorder and DVD player are not the same and you will, probably, not be able to use the same “video in” port for both devices.

I use also firewire port to connect cam but VHS recorder or DVD player I always connect using composite in port. Please let me know which notebook model you have.