View Full Version : How to activate bluetooth permanently?

25.10.2006, 10:51

I have a Libretto U100 and I would like to activate bluetooth permanently, but at the moment each time I reboot it is always turned off.

The result I want is that wifi & bluetooth be turned on at all times.

Thank you for your help.

26.10.2006, 15:59
Well not very active the Tosh forum!

26.10.2006, 16:08

Like you can see sometimes you must wait for some answer or suggestion. ;) Maybe is Libretto forum not so active like other areas. While you wait you can check userís annuals to see if you can find something there.

Anyway, I am not technician but as far as I know you should leave WLAN switch permanent to ON position and before you want to use BT just check with FN+F8 key combination if the BT is enabled. I think that BT can not be permanent ON.

26.10.2006, 16:18

I think there are not many people who use the Libretto notebooks and therefore there are not many active users in this area.
I donít know if it will work on Libretto like on my Satellite notebook but as mentioned above the FN+F8 function should enabled the BT and should stay in this position.
Then the BT could be always on.

But I donít have the Libretto and therefore I canít give you a proper answer.