View Full Version : Satellite P10-824: modem driver will not install

24.10.2006, 20:11
I have a tosiba satelite P10 824 and the modem driver will no be installed what can i do?? the driver from this page is installed but the modem will not work.

27.10.2006, 11:06
Hi Cienciala

If the drive is already installed and the modem is listed properly in device manager you must not try to install it again and again. I recommend you to enter modem properties in device manager list and under diagnostic tab you can use “Query modem” and check the results.

If the modem is not working it can be also problem of “dial up” configuration.
By the way there is also useful site you can check http://support.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/FAQ35006G000UR01.htm

27.10.2006, 12:52
the modem is in the device manager yellow also not installed.
i have download the driver from toshiba and installed but not happens when i go in the device manager right click on modem and new install comes driver could not be installed

27.10.2006, 13:12

Perhaps have you a possible with a new Hardware identification and with a new Driver update. Please check this possible.


27.10.2006, 13:14

Your first posting was a little bit confused because you didn’t mention the status in device manager. Anyway try to remove the modem from device manager and start “Add Hardware wizard” again. Please be sure you use the right driver for this notebook.

I hope you use delivered “Tools & Utilities” CD for driver installation. If not, check Toshiba download page for right one. What is with other hardware components? Is sound driver listed properly in device manager?

I have had P20 (similar to P10) and preinstalled my own OS many times without any problem. Because of that I am a little bit confused why you can not install right modem driver.

28.10.2006, 23:10
In the driver manager everythings on its best way - lets all get it!!!
alright only the modem, i have no cd and i downloaded the driver from toshiba and installed it but nothing happens so far. i have removed the modem from the driver manager and then came to install the driver but have seen me (that they can't install the driver).

(sorry that i am not so good in englisch i am german with a bad mark in englisch i hope you understand me)