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26.12.2004, 18:18

I have problem with Intel PROSET. When I open this program I cannot do anything simply because my Wireless 2200 BG device is not being listed in "network components. What's more in Atheros I am not able to do anything as well. It may suggest problem with the driver, but I have managed to connect to my friends wireless net. What may be wrong ?

I have my own installation of Win XP SP2 with all drivers and programs from Toshiba Tools & Utilities. (I had the same problem with Win recovery)

Thanks in advance for your help!
Happy user of T M30X

27.12.2004, 12:09

when you had installed the SP2 did you updated the drivers and tools from Toshiba webpage. There is also a sheet about SP2 driver updates downloadable! Go to

https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com (then Spport & downloads and download drivers)

Bye Bob

Mannerhagen Tom
27.12.2004, 14:00
Hi czaplin

I think first of all, you must use the apropriate client for Your Wifi card. Means if You have a Wifi card from Intel, you should not try using the Atheros client.

What is the card called in the Device Manager?



27.12.2004, 15:02

I assume that you have INTEL Wireless Card. After installation of SP2 check if there are some conflicts in your Device Manager. You can update driver for Wireless card. It is always good. :)

Like BOB says go to https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com (then Spport & downloads and download drivers).

There is driver for your Intel wireless card (V. Install it and check is there no conflicts in Device Manager.
If not, switch your Wireless card on and use FN+F8 to activate Wireless connection.

If you’re Wireless Router works properly and if your WLAN has a name you must see it now. I know it is sometimes very complicated to make connection but you must try all options.

Please let us know if you create your connection successful.

27.12.2004, 17:21
Thank you all for your help and sorry to bother you. It was partially my mistake. I have found that Intel Proset program that is delivered within my Toshiba Tools & Utilities cd is not for my intel card. My is Intel 2200bg, but the included program supports only ab version. (there is some info about this fact). Either way it is a bit funny for me that there wasn't proper version for my specification.

Thanks again