View Full Version : Equium A60 - DVD player won't reconise any DVD's but plays CDs

24.10.2006, 00:21
I can't seem to play any sort of DVDs on my laytop, DVD-RAM, DVD-R etc. It will play Audio CDs fine but won't play any DVD's

I have updated the latest driver from the Toshiba website - but with no joy

Have re-issued winDVD - but with no joy

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction

24.10.2006, 13:04

It sounds like a lens calibration malfunction.
This is a typically fault if the drive cannot recognize one of the medium types.
Before drive read or burn the CD or DVD the lens must be calibrate physically.
This is needed because every CD or DVD has a different kind surface.

However, if the lens cannot calibrate there is no much to do. In most cases the drive must be replaced.

PS: You could try to remove the drive physically from the notebook and then boot up into Windows. Then shuts down and put the drive again into the notebook. The BIOS should read the firmware again and possibly the lens can calibrate again.
But Iím not sure it if will help. Anyway, tying is for free, you know.

24.10.2006, 21:38
Where can I get a replacement DVD Writer?

25.10.2006, 14:02

I would recommend ordering the drive from the Toshiba service provider in your country because you will need a compatible and supported drive.
Fact is that not all drives are compatible because of the master/slave/csel settings and if the drive has wrong settings the BIOS will not recognize the installed drive.

Itís also not possible to change this settings like on the drive for desktop PC.
The settings are fix. Therefore contact the guys and order it. In this case you will be 100% sure that it will work on you notebook.