View Full Version : Satellite MX35X: Atheros Client Utility cannot create or modify profiles

23.10.2006, 23:55
Atheros Client Ultility is all greyed out. Won't let me create or modify profiles. Under the Profile Management tab, eveyrthing is greyed out. Any ideas?

I'm trying to set up a wireless connection for my Satellite MX35x and have just switched isp's to AOL if that helps. I've tried updating the drivers and have also reinstalled the Client Utility from the recovery disc.

I'm stuck!

24.10.2006, 08:27
Hi Graeme

I don’t use the Atheros Client Utility and I don’t know exactly how it works but a similar issue happened on my notebook with different WLan connection tools.

I think all the options in the Atheros utility are grayed out because the WLan connection configuration will be done by Windows OS.

Therefore you should firstly check if the option “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” in the Wireless network connection properties was disabled. If not – do it!