View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100 suddenly rendered unuseable

23.10.2006, 21:07
My laptop was working fine this morning, but upon attempting to boot later in the afternoon, it switched itself off before fully loading windows (just before displaying the desktop), and would continue to do so on repeated attempts.
I have attempted to diagnose the problem but there are further issues:

1. The keyboard has suddenly decided to stop functioning correctly. Pressing F2 to enter BIOS does not work; I can press F12 to get to a boot menu but am unable to scroll through the options or select one;
2. The computer will switch itself off after approximately 55 seconds of being switched on regardless of the current process, not just while loading Windows.

I'm at a loss here. I did carry the laptop from one location to another in between it functioning correctly and acting as described above, but I am certain it was securely stowed and no damage could have occurred to it. I guess I should send it to Toshiba for repairs, but thought I'd make a post here first to see if anyone has any ideas.


26.10.2006, 16:07

Have you this Problem with a extern Keyboard?


26.10.2006, 18:37

Before contacting someone from the service I would recommend booting up from the Toshiba recovery CD.
You should test it because if there is only a software malfunction and it will be possible to solve it with the new installation of the recovery CD so you will have to pay for the test!

As far as I can remember the service guys tries firstly to install the recovery CD and if there is no malfunction so you will get your notebook without any changes.