View Full Version : SD Card reader refuses to work (code-10) on Portege

23.10.2006, 20:07
Having problems with my toshiba portege.

when i put an sd card in the reader, the plug n play sound comes so it recognises it. but then nothing appears, somthing about a code 10 error stating it cannot start.

is there any way to fix it ?

23.10.2006, 20:54
Usually the code 10 means device cannot start.
This could have different reasons. Firstly the driver was not installed properly or there is something wrong with the hardware.

What you can do is refreshing of the SD card driver.
Please go to the device manager, check the SD card reader status and use the option update or reinstall driver.
The necessary driver should be placed on the Toshiba webpage. I hope. :|

You could also remove this device from the device manager and after rebooting the CD device should be recognized again.

31.10.2006, 16:42

I agree with Markus. Try to remove the device from the system and install it again. If you donít have Tools & Utilities CD the drivers you can find on Toshiba download page.