View Full Version : Tecra 8100: stutters when playing music

23.10.2006, 15:52

after installing Win2k on my Tecra 8100 every works fine but the playback of music.
When playing there is a stutter, a clickening every 2 seconds.
This is a general problem, no problem of the music programme or the file i play (mp3).
It already starts with the start jingle of Win2k.

Any ideas ?

27.10.2006, 11:53
As far as I know the unit is supported for W2K Professional and if you have used all Toshiba designed drivers there should not be any problem (if the hardware is not defective). Please check this with headphones. It will be interesting to know if the problem persists.

Did you have this with previous OS? Did you test it with headphones too? Can you please post more that a few sentences? Did you make already some troubleshooting and what exactly?

27.10.2006, 19:43

I donít know why it happens on your notebook but I have had a similar issue on my non Toshiba notebook and I have solved it with the installation of some codex.
What about the sound driver update?

But if you have only problems with the playing music from CD and not from the files so there could be a drive issue.
Possibly the lens is a little bit dirty.

However, if you have installed the notebook manually so you have to install the driver in the right order:
Video Driver
Sound Driver
Value Added Logical Device
Power Extensions
Toshiba Utilities
Mobile Extensions
Display Power Save Driver
Infrared Driver
Country Select
Mouse Driver
Expansion Station IDE Driver

16.02.2007, 14:33
During search for my problem i found this topic and know the right solution for this problem !!!
Solution for this sound problem is described on the Support Bulletin (toshiba.com) !!!
Document-ID 98060133

Here is the link: http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_sc_dtlView.jsp?soid=116580&moid=1073769806&BV_SessionID=@@@@0887615522.1171629109@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccciaddkefiljhhcgfkceghdgngdgnj.0&ct=SB