View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100: Mouse cursor jumps around

21.10.2006, 11:27
The internal nipple mouse on my laptop does not work, it jumps around all over the place. I have tried to replace this with a USB mouse which works fine unless i hit the space bar then the cursor will jump to the side of the screen.

It will then continue to scroll to the side of the screen even when i move it back. Have looked on a lot of forums and it looks like a common fault but no fixes.

Please help

25.10.2006, 15:17

I don’t think that it’s a common fault. It could be simply a keyboard malfunction.
A friend of mine has a Tecra and the mouse cursor has jumped crazy on the display.
It was not possible or very difficult to open any windows or to click on the icons.

The service provider has changed the whole keyboard and this was a solution.
Maybe you will need also a replacement.

But what happens when you will disable the touchpad with the FN+F9 function? Do the cursor jumps when you use the USB mouse?

31.10.2006, 21:01

I have had the same situation on my Tecra M1. Just after keyboard replacement everything was working fine again. Now I have also disabled pointing device and hope the mouse stays “under control”. :)

23.12.2006, 14:58
The mouse of the Toshiba 6100 as well as the Keyboard use a very thin film to connect it with the motherboard.
If you look under the space bar, very close to the [Ins] key you can see this film. It tends to break very easily especially where it bends like under the space bar.

You might need to replace the whole keyboard to have this sorted out, or try to find a temporary fix like removing the keyboard and taping the broken area with some scotch tape.

It might work for you, if not, search for a new keyboard part number P000372380 on ebay (I think toshiba has discontinued this part)

good luck