View Full Version : Portege 3500 - change HDD and treat overheating CPU

20.10.2006, 21:29
I recently bought a Portege 3500 without any support disks etc. It does not have a CD or floppy disk. It has 2 problems I would like to fix.
a) The HDD is obviously on its way out as it is clicking at me and it shows a permanent red section on the defrag.
b) The fans are on full power all the time and the CPU is running slowly.

a) I got a new HDD which I reformatted on other notebook. I put a basic Windows XP on this HDD and transferred it to my external holder which I attached to the Portege. I used 'Transfer... Wizard' to transfer files, folders and settings to the new HDD but I do not know how to install the old Windows Tablet XP OS to it. I have the Microsoft Product Key for the OS. Any suggestions would be helpful.

b) I reckon the heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsink is failing, causing the CPU to run hot and therefore slower. I previously solved the same problem with a Dell by coating the top of the CPU with Artic Silver 5 paste. I am unable however to get at the CPU in the Portege even though I have removed all screws at the bottom. Does anyone know how to split the case without causing damage?

24.10.2006, 15:43

a) Unfortunately but I really don’t know how you want to install the OS without using the recovery CD or windows CD.
I have searched a little bit in this forum and found these posts about OS installation on the Portégé 3500:

Check also this FAQ:

b) On the Portégé you should find the Power saver utility. This utility allows you to change the different cooling modes and the processing speed.
In my opinion you should also check if the ventilators are clean. Mostly the dust and debris inside of notebook is responsible for the not properly cooling of the CPU and other parts.

But if you want to know how to remove the covers so I would recommend checking this site. Maybe you will find something useful.