View Full Version : Cannot activate the WLan card on Satellite A30

Mark S.
19.10.2006, 15:31
I have a satellite A30.
In the manual I got with the laptop it said some models have a built in wireless link. My computer has an on/off switch for wireless but i haven't been able to activate it.

How can i tell if this models wireless connection will work.

I have downloaded drivers from this website for wireless . After unzipping the file I found that there were no installation instructions or an executable file.
What do i do with the unzipped files.

Just a note i do have a belkin wireless router and have my A30 laptop wireless at the moment but i need a big clumsy network adaptor plugged into a USB port

Any help appreciated

Thanks Mark.

19.10.2006, 17:35
Hello Mark

First of all you must be sure if your unit is delivered with WLAN card. You can check this on two ways. First one is to check bottom side of your notebook. Every unit delivered with WLAN card has WLAN sticker. Other way you can check entrie in device manager under “Network adapters”. If the unit has WLAN card it will be listed there.

As far as I know WLAN card for Satellite A30 is optional and if the unit has no card on board you can buy compatible one or use external cards like USB WLAN stick or PCMCIA WLAN cards.