View Full Version : Equium A60: Wrong memory value appears

19.10.2006, 10:28
My toshiba equium A60 have only 448 mb ram, it shoukd have 512 what i can do?

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19.10.2006, 11:28

In my opinion the lower memory value appears in the OS properties because of the 64MB shared memory graphic card.
This graphic card use a part of the main memory and therefore you will get a different memory value.

If you add the 64MB to the 448MB you will get 512MB. So everything is ok with you memory modules.

19.10.2006, 17:48
Shared memory graphics uses system RAM so the amount left to the Operating System is less that what you think is installed.
You can alter the amount of shared RAM in Control Panel and doing so will reclaiming more system RAM for the Operating System.

Richard S.