View Full Version : Equium L10-273: Can I increase Video Memory (UMA)?

17.10.2006, 21:30
I've ordered another 512MB in addition to the base 256MB (of which 240MB is available, as 16MB is allocated to video memory). Once I've added the extra 512MB can I allocate more memory to video?



19.10.2006, 19:17
A lot depends on the driver / chipset for the graphics processor I suspect that adding more system RAM will have no effect on how much memory you can set for the UMA.

Richard S.

20.10.2006, 11:08
Hi guys

Firstly a little description about UMA for some newbies:
Short for Unified Memory Architecture. A computer that has graphics chips built into the motherboard that use part of the computer's main memory for video memory is said to have Unified Memory Architecture.

I think every one of us knows that the graphic card upgrade (I mean replacement) is mostly not possible on notebooks.
Its simply a different technology as a desktop PC

However, shared memory graphic card use different graphic memory values.
For example on Equium L10-300 (Equium L10-273 is not know to me) 32MB and 64MB.

The main memory upgrade will not increase the graphic memory up to 128 or 256MB.
This is not possible because on Equium L10-300 the shared memory graphic card support only 32-64MB.

In your case possibly only 16-32MB.