View Full Version : Equium M50: Which cable can I use to connect to TV?

16.10.2006, 12:41
I want to hook my computer up to my TV. I went into my local computer shop but they showed me about 5 different cables and I had no idea which one would work best or work at all. Can anybody advise me on which cable would work for my computer the Equium M50-192? Or can I even buy such a cable online?

Thanks in advance.

16.10.2006, 13:28

I think you need a usual s-video mini-DIN 4pol cable.
This should be compatible and should work properly.

19.10.2006, 01:01
The cable you need is S-Video however not all TV/Video equipment provide full S-Video support resulting in a black and white image. This minor issue can be resolved using a S-Video to Composite adapter such as one sold by Maplin at the sacrifice of quality

Richard S.