View Full Version : Equium A110-233: Media buttons don't work

12.10.2006, 19:53
Just bought this laptop and its got media buttons for media player (Play, Pause, Next, Previous etc) they did work, but now they don't. What do i do to get them to work again?

Any help will be much appreciated!

12.10.2006, 20:15

I assume you mean the Toshiba Control buttons.
Well, this application you can find in the control panel.
There you can check the functionality. Please check if the players were selected.

You should know that this buttons works only with the WinDVD when playing DVD medias and with Windows Media player when the CD medias was inserted.

Therefore be sure that you use one of these applications.
But if it will not work so you should try to reinstall this application.

13.10.2006, 16:02

Try to roll back OS to earlier time when everything works well. You can do this using system restore tool.

13.12.2006, 00:48
isn't there any other solution?

change registry settings, reinstall control.exe or something like that?

thx in advance


13.12.2006, 12:19
Hi Tom

The problem is that it is not easy to say why the buttons suddenly don’t work anymore. You can try to install Toshiba Controls utility. Before you doing this, be sure it is removed from the notebook (check shortcut in control panel and Add-remove Software).

Repair using regedit is not known to me.

15.12.2006, 00:04
thanks 4 ur answer paul.
i reinstalled the toshiba controls utility but it doesn't work.
then i read an other comment in this forum and reinstalled the toshiba common module.
and now it works! :-)))))))))))))

15.12.2006, 11:34
Hey buddy… Thanks for your feedback…
Nice to hear that ;)