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12.10.2006, 14:26
I am trying to install the new version of Quick Time and iTunes but the i keep on getting an error message saying that the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\QuickTime.Quic kTime\CLSID. key cannot be unlocked.

I have never adited anything with the Registry Editor before and I don't want to mess up my system. Does anyone know how to unlock a key in the Registry? Has anyone encountered this problem before? any suggestions?


12.10.2006, 17:19

The manipulation and changing of registry entries is very risky and it’s not advisable to change anything if you have no experience or not know exactly what it you want to change.
It seems that the QuickTime application was already installed and has created a registry entry which cannot be changed.
In such cases I would recommend to remove this application by using the option “Add and remove programs” in control panel. Then after notebook rebooting you could use freeware application like a registry cleaner or CCleaner.

Such programs run through the registry entries and remove all not used or “dead” entries.
After using this application you could start the installation of the QuickTime

18.10.2006, 17:02
Hi Pablo

Before you do something wrong remove existing version from the system and install the latest one.

25.10.2006, 07:32
Last week we purchased an Apple iPod 30g and the setup instructions were to download iTunes (which included quicktime) We experienced the HKEY error in regards to uninstalling to reinstall quicktime.

The solution was to use a setup disc which is supplied with some iPods (used friends disc supplied with 60g ipod) to reinstall quicktime which was successful and then to install itunes from the download. We can finally use our iPod! YEAH! :D

Case closed