View Full Version : How to adjust the brightness on Tecra 8100?

11.10.2006, 21:29
hello there i'm using a tecra 8100 and I just cant find where to adjust the brightness which is really giving me problem. Please anyone help.

11.10.2006, 21:35

Usually the display brightness you can control by using the key combination FN+F6 to decrease and FN+F7 to increase the brightness.

Please tell us if you can use this buttons or does the FN buttons works.

18.12.2006, 00:48
Since I install my Windows XP, I can't use my Fn button. How that happened? Could I use other shortcuts or anything You can suggest...

18.12.2006, 17:53
> Since I install my Windows XP, I can't use my Fn button.


You have installed the OS manually and you didn’t use the Toshiba recovery CD. Am I right??
The fresh Microsoft OS does not contain the Toshiba drivers and therefore the drivers for the FN functions must be installed additionally.

The problem is that you will not find any drivers for the Windows XP for the Tecra 8100.
The WinXP drivers are not available and therefore you cannot use the FN keys…