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09.10.2006, 22:44
I have made some progress with this subject, it seems that Cardbus devices cannot share IRQs, although the main issue is that the memory address FFDFB200-FFDFB3FF is shared by both the SD card controller and the SD Card Memory Device. Unless a way to modify the registry can be found to resolve this memory conflict, the simple answer is that the SD card reader won't work under XP.

I think this would take some major surgery of the registry or re-writing of the drivers to move the memory address used by the SD card device, I am still working on this for now.

Can someone from Toshiba Support or Toshiba Marketing please explain to me why my Tecra T9100 has a sticker with "Designed for Windows XP and Windows 2000" on it, when Toshiba don't fully support XP on the 9000 series?


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10.10.2006, 15:40
Hi David

Unfortunately, I donít think that you will find here someone from Toshiba marketing or other departments. This is ONLY a user to user forum.

What you say is simply NOT true.

The Tecra 9000 was delivered with 3 different OS.
It was delivered with Windows XP Pro, W2k and Win98. You can order all this Toshiba images from the Toshiba service partner. Therefore Tecra 9000 does support Windows XP!
Tecra 9100 was delivered with Windows XP and Windows 2000 and supports also Windows XP!

Of course there are different models with different hardware configuration but all supports WinXP.

I donít know why you get this error message or why you cannot use the SD card but I assume you donít use the Toshiba image. Therefore you have installed your OS not correctly. Because youíre a newbie you donít know that the whole Toshiba driver installation must be done in the right order and all the Microsoft QFEs must be also installed.

As you see you have to pay attention to many important things if you want to install the OS manually.

Have a nice day

10.10.2006, 15:56
Hi Garrett

I can only go from what I was told by Toshiba UK's helpdesk; I rang them as I had problems with the SD card reader. The helpdesk person stated that they only support the original recovery CD that came with the laptop. My machine was bought second hand and originally had Windows 2000 on it before my son crashed the operating system and it did not come with a recovery CD. The helpdesk stated that they only supported 2000 on the Tecra 9100, which I find strange following your comments about different OS's being shipped with the 9100. Is there something unique regarding the Windows XP / 2000 Toshiba versions shipped with the Tecra laptops which isn't covered by the genuine Microsoft versions?

10.10.2006, 16:25

Of course Toshiba support only the OS on the recovery CD but if the notebook will be delivered with WinXP recovery CD so the WinXP is supported.
I assume the person from helpdesk said it because you have not get the original Toshiba Recovery CD with WinXP and any manual installations are not supported by Toshiba.
If you want to get support you have to use the recovery CD.

However, on the Toshiba driver page you will find all drivers for WinXP and W2k. In this case itís is supported!!!

In my opinion if you want you can purchase the recovery CDs from the Toshiba ASP in your country!