View Full Version : Tecra 8000 will not boot-up

09.10.2006, 21:11
My Tecra 8000 will not boot-up (was previously working fine).
1. The red "TOSHIBA" icon comes-up and then it just "grey screens" on me.
2. I can boot up to the A: drive using a boot disk, and I can see the hard drive (C:\) and it looks OK.
3. I checked the BIOS settings (ESC, F1) and they look OK.
4. I have Windows 2000 installed.

Any suggestions? Thanks, Neil

10.10.2006, 11:05

It seems that the notebook passes properly the “Toshiba” screen.
In this case there should be no problem with BIOS or hardware.

Did you switch possibly to the external screen? I would recommend connecting the external display to check if something will appear.
But if it doesn’t help so possibly the corrupted HDD could be responsible for this issue.

Did you try to boot up from the CD? Can you see something?

10.10.2006, 20:23
I think that both the HDD and the display are OK because I can boot-up from the floppy drive and then I can then cd to the HDD and see it.

25.10.2006, 13:41
As Gipsyman has suggested possibly you have accidentally switched to the external monitor. Check if you can see something if you use the FN+F5 function.

How about using of the bootable WinXP CD?