View Full Version : Can't register Portege 205 - serial number does not exist

09.10.2006, 18:46
I'm can not path through registration of my Portege 205 on Russian site as my second notebook.
Serial number does not exist was the answer.
What can I do to solve this problem???

10.10.2006, 12:40

Did use the right serial number???
Please check again the number on the label which you can find at the bottom of the unit.
Please donít mix the letters and numbers. Sometimes people mix the 0 and o for example.

But if you think you have typed a right number and the registration will not works so I would recommend contacting the Toshiba service partner in Russia. The technicians can finish the registration procedure.

PS: I hope you have bought it from the computer store and not somewhere in the dark backyard ;)

12.10.2006, 13:29

I donít know how it works in Russia but if you have non-European notebook it can not be registered by Toshiba Europe just on the continent where the notebook is purchased.

11.11.2006, 00:21
Thank's for all. My notebook from US and for US market, was purchased in leagal store in Russia.