View Full Version : Tecra 550cdt DMA mode activation

Florian M
09.10.2006, 11:38
hello, i have a Tecra 550Cdt using windows 98se, i would like to activate the DMA mode for my harddisc drive, if i enable DMA, after rebooting windows it stops showing the windows bootup logo. I have to stop the laptop with the power button. In that instance i can hear a distinct click from the harddrive.

I am using the standard disc controller driver 5-5-98 from microsoft and changing to the Toshiba extended IDE controller driver 6-5-98 only helps to activate the DMA mode for the CD rom, but not for the hard disc.

I Have done a long search on other forums and there are some other people experiencing the exact same problem. I have verified the pinout the IDE ribbon connector cable (PCB FAL2H0 HDD Flex Cable Conn. B36080141012) and the IDE HD pin no. 21, DMARQ is not connected to the motherboard.

Could this be a design problem? Is There a software workaround or is a modification of the connector possible?

12.10.2006, 12:34
Hello Florian

As far as I know this unit is about 8 years old, delivered with Windows 95. Every notebook is designed and preinstalled to work well and stabile. The hardware infrastructure and preinstalled software must work “harmonic”. As far as I know every setting in software and OS are configured to work without any problems. So much about design problem.

Back to your question: as far as I know if you want to use DMA (faster information transfer) mode the chipset and OS must support this. I believe that in your case the notebook hardware don’t support that. Please be sure that the right chipset driver is installed. That’s all.

In my opinion you expect a little bit too much from this “oldie”. ;)