View Full Version : Equium L20 will not boot up succesfully

08.10.2006, 20:37
My L20 laptop will not boot up. A black screen comes up 'apologising for the inconvenience, but windows did not start succesfully'.

Then tells me to highlight a choice to boot up, but when I choose, it flicks quickly onto a blue screen which I can't read, then goes back to the same black screen.

Help!!! It feels like groundhog day.
Can't get it to work.

09.10.2006, 12:54
Hi Donna,

You simplest way out of this situation is to re-install your operating system from the recovey CDs. Unfortunately this will over-write your data (unless you have partioned your hard drive and keep your data on a second partition).

This problem is usually caused by missing or corrupt system files which prevent Windows from loading. You can, of course, try to recover the situation using the Recovery Console from the original Microsoft Installation CD if you have one.

It is also possible that the failure is due to a faulty hard drive but this will only become apparent when you try to re-install.


11.12.2006, 21:20
I have the same problem as Donna. But, I don't have the original microsoft installation cd, because i was already on the laptop. But do have a recovery disc. What can I do ?

18.12.2006, 22:25

You donít need the original Microsoft boot CD. The Toshiba recovery is better because the preinstalled image contains all the important drivers and utilities.
So if you unit does not boot correctly you can use the recovery CD to refresh the OS on the HDD.

Note: you will lose everything on the HDD! The recovery CD erases the whole HDD

19.12.2006, 19:13
i have the same laptop and my fan sound like their is something loose in it but the fan still works do you now how to clean the fan.

20.12.2006, 13:08
Hi Kater

It is not recommended to open the notebook on your own without any instructions. By small mistake you can broken some plastic part. If the warranty is still valid please contact service in your country. If they see that something is broken or loose there it will be repaired for free.

Please donít risk if not necessary!