View Full Version : After new OS installation cannot see any devices connected on Equium

08.10.2006, 17:00
i have just recently reformatted the computer as i had loads of problems, after doing so i have wanted to connect to the internet i just connected the ethernet cable the light on the modem was on and flashing but i opened network connections but the network device was not listed there. e.g. local area connection 1 etc.

i also have another problem. i opened device manager and could not see any of the devices connected.
can anybody help?

09.10.2006, 12:58
HI Samee,

If you have just re-installed your system from the recovery CDs then you will also need to re-install any of your peripheral devices (including your Internet connections) from the install CDs that came with them.

The recovery CDs only contain the basic Windows Operating system together with the bundled software that Toshiba provide and to my knowledge this does not include any ISP software or connections.


11.10.2006, 18:33
As Nicky said if you have reinstalled your OS so you have to create the connection to your internet service provider.

But if you have installed the OS NOT from the Recovery CD so I assume you need firstly the Toshiba drivers and utilities. In such case I suppose that you have not installed also the LAN driver.
You need the LAN driver if you want to use the LAN connection.

12.10.2006, 18:10
i have installed the Network interface card's drive and restarted the computer but when i open network connections not network device is listed or shown.

12.10.2006, 20:49

You should use the option “View network connections”
If there is no broadband connection for using the internet so you have to create it.
To create a new connection to your ISP you have to use the option “Create a new connection”.

I assume you have already got the necessary connection data from your ISP.