View Full Version : Standby doesn't work on Equium

06.10.2006, 20:13
I seem to have to same problem as cbsw, the standby function isn't activating on my laptop. When I click, start, shutdown - the standby button is 'grey', ie. I can't click on it, I can only click turn off, or restart.
In the toshiba power saver options, the standby slider is also 'grey' in each profile so I can't activate it.

In the normal power saver options, clicking on the Advanced Tab doesn't bring up an 'Enable Standby' option. All it has is the options of what to if I hit the power button or close the lid. On the close the lid option (which used to put my laptop onto standby) it now only has one option, 'Do nothing'. There isn't even anything else available.

Please please can anyone help?
My laptop overheats and the fan makes such a noise if I just leave it on, and I'm getting tired of having to start up and shutdown five times a day.

Thanks in advance!

11.10.2006, 15:26
Hello Jenna

I presume that your notebook is not preinstalled with recovery media just with your own OS installation. Am I right?

As far as I know after graphic card driver installation Standby button should be “activated”. Hibernation option (support) must be activated manually but standby must be there.

I don’t know which Equium you have but obviously the unit should be cleaned properly. Removing the dust unit will be able to “take a breath” and cooling fan will not run constantly.

11.10.2006, 15:39
I would also recommend to checking the fans and the cooling modules.
Be sure that the fans are clean and that the cooling can works properly.
The vacuum cleaner is a very great tool to clean the fans.

As mike said, the Toshiba recovery image contains all drivers and tools like the power saver. These tools are installed properly and should works without any problems.
Therefore the standby should works without any activation. The hibernation mode must be enabled before using it.