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21.12.2004, 22:35
I recently purchased a Tecra8200 with wireless connection. I have Windows XPprof installed on this. When trying to connect to my home network with the wireless lan feature, I am not able to connect to my Sitecom WL-025 router. (cable works)In a few exceptional instances the system does not recognize the wireless network. In only two cases my Sitecom and the Belkin from my neighbourg were recognized. I only got the SSID from the routers. No connection. What parameters should I enter to make this thing work with the build in wireless network board?

21.12.2004, 23:40

you could check the router if a MAC adress verifivcation is anabled? Do you have any other PCs with Wireless connection to the router and look in these settings of their wireless connection?

Bye Meier

22.12.2004, 22:51
HI, thanks for your response.
No I do not have the Mac enabled in my router. Just at the point were I can add one new wireless connection there does not appear anything. Unfortunately I this is my only wireless connection so no caomparison with an other working system is possible.

Mannerhagen Tom
27.12.2004, 14:08

I don't know what are the options of Your AP, but check to see if You have disabled the SSID broadcast and also check to see if You're using any encryption.
In the setup-phase, I'd suggest to turn the encryption off.

Hope this helps you.