View Full Version : Equium A60 shuts down automatically after 10min

04.10.2006, 15:13
My laptop TOSHIBA Equium A60, after 10 min of work it logs off because it seems to become very hot although the fan is working?

How can I fix this problem

04.10.2006, 23:03
Hi Osama,

This sounds like a classic case of over-heating caused by a build-up of dust and debris in the coolling vents. I suggest you try using a vacuum cleaner hose against the air intake grilles on the bottom of your notebook to extract the dust and debris.

Also make sure that the notebook is not used in an environment where there insufficient air getting through the cooling system.


11.10.2006, 13:08
Hi I had the exact same problem

It was definitely overheating, unfortunately whoever designed the heat sink radiator didn't think about dust build-up!
I've owned mine for about a year and a half and recently (last 5-6 months) I noticed the fan running at full speed all the time, then during summer it overheated often, now that the weather is cooler I cant blame the sun!

So I went down the road brought a jewelers screwdriver set for next to nothing and started dis-assembling the laptop.
I first found some instructions off the net (print them out!), the trickiest part is to remember to get the three screws under the CD drive!.

Once I had it apart and removed the heat sink and fan it was immediately apparent what the problem was, the heat sink resembled a shag pile carpet!!!

I went down the road again and got a can of compressed air, blew the dust away, put it back together and hey presto, its hardly even warm!

Any fool can fix this problem, don't waste your money giving it to a technician who will charge you 70 per hour to fix it for you.