View Full Version : Standby/hibernation does not work on Equium

03.10.2006, 20:38
Click on start/shutdown computer/standby and nothing happens.

The hibernation and standby icons are not active only the shutdown and cancel.

Can anyone help.

03.10.2006, 22:41
Hi Colin,

Go into the Toshiba Power Management option and click on the 'Advanced' tab. Check that the Enable Hibernate support option is ticked. Alternatively if you are using the Microsoft power options then click on the Hibernate tab and check that hibernate is enabled.


05.10.2006, 15:49

You can also go with the cursor onto the Power Saver icon in the task bar.
Make a right click and select the hibernate option. This must be enabled.

But of course, as Nicky has suggested if you use the Windows power options so you have to activate it in the control panel --> power options.