View Full Version : What does it means on Satellite Pro: Orange power LED - 7 short 1 long

03.10.2006, 11:21
anyone know what the above means? I've seen other posts where these variations of flashing LED's have been decoded to something, any help appreciated.

04.10.2006, 16:09
If the DC LED blinks this means that there is an error.
The power supply microcontroller detects an error the DC IN lamp sends a blinking code.
You can decode it with this procedure.
The short means 0 and long means 1.

Error code starts with LSB (least significant bit)
0000 0001 -> 1000 0000 -> 80 H (hex) (hope its right)

Unfortunately, it was not possible to me find out what’s error code 80 hex on this unit means.
I think you should ask the Toshiba service partner for the help.