View Full Version : Can't see available WLAN Connection on Tecra A5 but ok with Tecra M5

03.10.2006, 10:48
I have the following problem:
I have a DLink Wireless Access point (DWL-3200AP) configured in my office.
On my laptop, I can see my WLAN and I'm able to connect with my Tecra M5.
I can see the WLAN on the configfree graphic tool.
Now the problem .... I bougth a Tecra A5 for my boss, everything is working fine ... Radio is active ...
Wireless card OK ... BUT I can't see the WLAN ... can't find it ...
I checked everything but I have no idea why ...
Does someone can help me ?

04.10.2006, 14:06
I would suggest checking the router settings.
In my knowledge many WLan routers support a hiding WLan option.
In such cases the WLan is not visible and you have to know the name of the WLan to searching it.
I think you know the name of the WLan therefore I would recommend entering the Wireless Network connection properties and then choosing the “Wireless Networks” tab.
There you can “Add” the preferred networks. You have to enter the WLan name and the encryption.