View Full Version : Tecra 8000 doesn't see PCMCIA network card

03.10.2006, 10:47
I don't get my Belkin wireless PCMCIA network card connected to my Tecra 8000.
It 's brand new win 2000 including all updates and I am sure the pcmcia slot works fine.

The problem when installing this card is that it the tecra doesn't see the network card.
Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem. Network card is Belkin F5d7010 54 Mb.



05.10.2006, 09:15
Try to change some settings in the BIOS.
In the configuration area you can set the option “device config” to ALL Devices.
Furthermore in the area “PC card” you can try to change the option to PCIC compatible or CardBus/ 16-bit.

Play around with these settings and check if one of this will enable the card.

PS: Did you install any drivers which should be delivered together with this card?

06.10.2006, 08:33
Hi Jack,

I solved the problem by resetting the default settings in the bios.
This all happened when I was paying with the settings you described.
Apparently some other adjustment prevented the PCMCIA from working.

Right now 'PC card' settings are set to 'OS systems' en all works fine.

I am very confident with a second life for this oldie (laptop).

Thx for the help

06.10.2006, 09:15
Hi Guus.

Thanks for the info. I was not 100% sure which 'PC card’ setting would works.
However, glad I could help.