View Full Version : How to get sound working on W2k on Tecra 8000?

02.10.2006, 21:54
Is there any way to get the sound to work on a Tecra 8000 using windows 2000 pro? I just upgraded from win 98 and the audio driver installs the Yamaha opl3-sax, but there is no sound. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling different drivers, but none seem to work.

03.10.2006, 14:49
I installed W2k on my Tecra lately and haven't experienced any problems.
Should work fine. Did you check hardware properies in control panel?
What does it say?

04.10.2006, 09:34

I would also recommend checking the device manager. If there is no yellow exclamation marks near to the sound card so I would say the sound driver was successful installed and there must be something wrong with the audio settings.
Did you check the sound and audio devices in the control panel? You should check all the sound controller if they are set to the higher level.
Furthermore I would recommend checking the volume controller at the notebook side. Sometimes peoples forget to set it. ;)