View Full Version : Cannot enter Bios on Satellite Pro 6000

30.09.2006, 19:18
Hello from Norway . I have a SP6000 and i have a corrupt windowsinst. I have tryed to access the Bios settins by pressing esc and then the F1 key , but it switches right back to the Toshiba welcome screen and says press f12 to select boot order....

Is there any way to get to the bios settings ? Hmmmmmmmmmm :-) Thanks in advance

01.10.2006, 19:07

I know some models can enter BIOS by pressing F2 on startup.
Maybe this works for you.


02.10.2006, 09:13
Hello and thanks for the tip, but it doesnt do anything. If it only would boot from a cd .. hitting f1 or f12 doest do anything either.

02.10.2006, 10:02

I assume you want to boot from the drive.
Therefore you can press the C button immediately after notebook starting.
To be 100% sure that the option was activated you should press the C button several time.

02.10.2006, 16:00
Hi and thanks for this tip too , but it doesnt do anything here either :(

04.10.2006, 09:23

Maybe have you a possible with a Press to ESC, Check the BIOS settings: first Boot from CD or DVD.
Save the settings. Make a new start from the Machine.
Please made a start from the CD with the recovery CD or the Operating System and made a repair from the System files


04.10.2006, 22:11
But, this is my problem. I cannot enter bios settings. I have mange to boot on CD only if i start up without a harddrive in the slot but then again, the Windows setup can't see the drive to install it.

Thise drives are detectet in bios :(

Also, I have tryed to disconnect the BIOS battery but with no luck.

12.10.2006, 12:34
Ok heres what i had to do to make it to boot on a cd without setting it in bios........... On startup, unplugged the harddrive when the "press F12" key appeared on startup, and put it right in again when the cd starts to spin .... i had to do this many times so it detected the drive in bios ... hehe

Now i have a fresh copy of windows again ;)

case closed